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Lydford Class Yr6

Year 6 Teacher:             Mrs Boothright                                    
Teaching Assistant:      Mrs Denison                                            Letter    Learning Grid  


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Some pictures from the Young Voices concert at the O2 in London

We've arrived in our seats!! Everyone is happy and ready to SING!!

Abernant Lake, Wales - Residential  1 - 5 November

Monday- arrived hungry but happy… enjoyed our first activities in the rain!! Orienteering and blind trail… tea a success ( doughnuts helped!) and off for climbing and low ropes in the dark… lovely children and ALL settled well.  

 Tuesday- the children slept really well and all needed waking at 7! Lovely morning at the lake kayaking and canoeing.  A lot of games and rather wet adventures .. cold and wet cured with an enormous lunch . This afternoon we are zip wiring over the lake and building dens . Children are very happy and very busy. Night walk tonight … 

Wednesday- a sunny morning at the lake raft building .. the children built their rafts and managed to sail them to the island and back .. a few dunkings on the way… every child sailed !

Wednesday pm … fantastic pm paddle boarding, den building and firing rifles. Tonight we will be climbing and more fencing… all good… incredibly resilient children who can clear away lake equipment win wet dripping clothes, shivering with cold, march back to the house, shower and recover ( more doughnuts and cookies!!).

Thursday.. day started with Wide Games.. brilliant way to start the day.. then compass and orienteering and blue trail and low ropes … disco tonight!!!!