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Welcome to Hatherley Class Yr5

Year 5 Teacher:            Mr Higgs                                              

Teaching Assistant:    Mrs El Far                                                   

Time to say goodbye- We let Jeff go last week and he rocketed upwards! Jeff was eager to try out his new wings and he flew out of sight in a matter of seconds. His brothers and sisters needed a bit more encouragement so we placed them gently onto plants in the flower bed to fly when they were ready. 

Meet Jeff! As part of our science topic on life cycles, we saw Jeff grow from egg, to larva, to chrysalis and finally, a beautiful butterfly over three weeks!  

STEAM week in Hatherley! We have been exploring a letter of STEAM each day. Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics. 

We learnt all about the Greek theatre whilst writing play scripts. Of course, we needed to act them out properly, with authentic Greek masks! 

The end of our Anglo-Saxon topic was a blast! 

Term 5 and 6 topic web: 

Having explored life in an Anglo-Saxon village, including buildings and materials, we have nearly finished construction of our own village! (Including expertly made sheep and furniture).