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Redlands Passport

The Redlands Enrichment Passport is inspired by the DFE and National Trust initiative. We want to give our children 48 experiences before they leave us and move onto their chosen secondary school. We wonder what new passion it will ignite!

Activities shaded in blue will be completed in school



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Plant some seeds

Create pictures using leaves

Make an outdoor ice decoration

Make a bridge

Observe the life cycle of a butterfly

Make a hat


Go cloud watching

Perform to parents

Go on a pretend polar adventure

Discover signs of Spring

Complete a bug hunt

Visit a farm

Year 1

Look at the stars on a clear night

Designing and making a fruit smoothie

Visit a station and watch a train

Build a waterproof structure

Visit a public garden such as the community garden

Make a nature crown

Year 2

Burn down London of 1666

Learn to play a carol on an instrument

Make a bird feeder

Grow and eat some salad

Make a bug house

Collect and dry flowers

Year 3

Learn and perform a rap

Watch a theatre performance

Visit a museum

Make a dream catcher

Learn and create an Egyptian game

Go to the beach

Year 4

Spend a day as a Roman

Walk along the Thames path

Visit a place of worship

Visit the woods and become inspired by nature

Visit a rainforest

Make Anglo Saxon jewellery using clay

Year 5

Design and build a boat that floats

Sing in a choir in a public venue

To experience a Langar

Run a tuck shop to raise money for a charity

Learn to play the ukulele and play a song

Visit a zoo

Year 6

Organise a sporting event for younger children

Canoe and paddle board on a lake

Perform to a live audience in a public venue

Enter a competition

Visit a local historic building

Produce and create set and costumes for a summer production