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Our Reading Vision Statement:

Reading is enjoyed and celebrated by all pupils and staff at Redlands.  Children build the skills to read with confidence, fluency and understanding, they are encouraged to select and enjoy a wide range of quality books.  A reading culture is evident throughout the school as part of our language rich environment.  Children and staff speak with enthusiasm and knowledge about books, poetry, authors and reading, swapping ideas and recommendations.

Children make good progress and our aim is that all are learning well against national standards.   Appropriate interventions are planned, based on accurate assessments, are planned and led by well qualified staff, to help those who struggle to read to enjoy reading, access texts and make accelerated progress in reading.  Children who are new to English are helped to learn the basics quickly, through interventions led by an expert in EAL teaching. Staff confidently and effectively teach phonics in EYFS and KS1 and in KS2 where needed. 

Quality picture books, novels, non-fiction texts and poetry as well as film clips are used throughout the school to teach reading skills such as response, prediction, inference and empathy.  Books and story times have a high profile at Redlands and are shared at least daily.  Immersion in texts, alongside explicit teaching ensure reading is shared as the route to vocabulary building and making meaning of what is read; challenging texts are welcomed by our children.



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