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Foxhill Class Yr3

KS2 Y3 Teachers                          Ms McCabe and Mrs Hedges

Teaching Assistant                      Mrs McConnell


Welcome to Foxhill Class 2023

Visit to Reading Museum - Huntley and Palmers Gallery

Foxhill class had a fabulous time at Reading Museum finding out more about Huntley and Palmers. We really enjoyed looking at all of the biscuit tins, and finding out about how the factory workers were treated. The map of Reading really helped us understand the impact Huntley and Palmers have had on our town. We even managed to squeeze in a quick look at the Bayeux tapestry and used our historical detective skills to find information! 

Here is a 3D model of the Waverley Tin, share via the Reading Museum

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Foxhill Class PE days are:

Indoor PE is on Fridays 

Outdoor PE is on Mondays

Please ensure your children come to school in their PE kit


 Foxhill class go to the library on Wednesdays

Please remember to return your children's library books each week so that they can chose a new one.