Reception Class  FS2

FS2 Teacher:                           Ms Sharif                                  Spring in Donnington Class

Teaching Assistants:             Miss Williams                               Letter     Learning Grid
                                                 Mrs Malik
                                                 Mrs Ali

Family Support Worker:        Mrs Evans

Welcome to Donnington's page! 

I hope you are all staying safe and well during this worrying time. 

Learning books

Please sign into learning books using the email that has been sent to you. If you cannot access it then please email the office and we can issue another one. 

As explained in the letter we sent via email, learning books is an online tool that we use to record your child's learning journey at school. You can also take pictures at home and send them to learning books, recording what your child is doing at home. We are using this tool to help us stay in contact with Donnington children and parents. We will start posting challenges and messages on learning books for the children to access. Please stay in touch.


 Please log onto the learnAnywhere platform for ideas and links that your child can be doing from home. 

Have you:

  • Designed your own rainbow and displayed it in your window?
  • logged onto phonics play to do some phonics?
  • Read a book on the Pearson book club?
  • Written and drawn in your diary?
  • Done your workout for the day?
  • Sang your favourite song?
  • completed an activity from the grid?

Parents! Take this time to relax and make more memories with your child. Write the diary together as this will be a lovely memory to look back on in years to come. Cook with your child, build dens, sing and dance and have lots of conversations with your child/children. Take lots of photos and add them to the learning journey. I am looking forward to seeing them and keeping in touch. Keep safe and miss you all.

Donnington PE days are:

Wednesday - Outside PE

Friday - Inside PE


Reading morning - every Thursday morning.

Please come and hear your child read and change his/her book too!

Autumn Walk at the university!

We went on our Autumn walk to look for the signs of Autumn. 

We saw lots of leaves that had changed colour to red, yellow, orange and brown. We even saw leaves falling off the trees above our heads!

Squirrels were also spotted and we had to be very quiet in case we scared them. 

We collected hundreds of leaves and made a huge pile which we then jumped into. We also threw the leaves into the air and watched them fall on our heads!

Running around in the open space felt amazing!

What signs of Autumn have you observed?

Happy Diwali!

We have been thinking about Diwali and what happens during this celebration. It is celebrated by the Hindus and Sikhs and it celebrates the triumph of good over evel, light over darkness. 

In class we made clay divas and then decorated them with bright coloured paint and shiny glitter. They look amazing!

We also did some bangra dancing and listened to Indian music. We also made Rangoli patterns.


A Very Warm Welcome to our new Donnington Children and Parents!


Our first week in Donnington Class

We have had an amazing first week! We have been getting used to the class rules and routines, making friends and learning new names!

We have snack time in the morning where we bring in our own fruit and vegetables and sit with our friends to eat them.

We also had our first hot school meals and it was so much fun taking our trays and choosing our meal! We are becoming so independent! Some of us brought in our own packed lunches which we ate in the canteen with the other children,

Playtimes and lunch times are spent in the big playground with the other children. We are making lots more friends and learning the names of all the other adults too.


We have been so busy each day, exploring the different areas in our classroom and trying out the different activities that are available there. We know that this time is extremely valuable as we learn through play!  Have a look at some of the exploring and learning we have been doing.