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Donnington Class  FS2

FS2 Teacher:                           Ms Sharif                  Autumn in Donnington Class

Teaching Assistants:             Mrs Malik                     Letter           Learning Grid
                                                 Mrs Khalid

Family Support Worker:       Mrs Evans

We are Donnington Class 2020

Welcome to Donnington's page! 

Donnington PE days are:

Tuesday  - Inside PE in the hall

Wednesday - Outside PE in the playground



Friday 16th October 2020

Another very busy week! This week we have been:

  • Writing our very own stories about going on a bear hunt for Mrs Mallik's children. They were getting bored of listening to the same story over and over again and wanted a change. We hope they enjoy our stories!
  • Sorting different objects into groups and giving reasons for our sorting
  • Making repeating patterns
  • Thinking of things that make us the same and different from each other
  • Thinking of kind things to say to our friends
  • Moving our bodies in different ways
  • Using our cutting skills to cut and stick a bear

 It has been a real pleasure to talk to all our parents and tell you all of how proud we are of your children. They have settled in well and are making such great progress. Hearing that you can see a real positive change in your child and that they love coming to school has made us all so happy and our work even more rewarding. So thank you all for your lovely comments.

Please remember to order your child's photo.

Have a lovely weekend

The Foundation Stage team.

Friday 09.10.2020

This week we have been very busy:

  • innovating the story of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. We thought of different animals we could find and the different settings we could go through to find animal
  • drawing our story maps for our new story
  • Ordering numbers to 10
  • singing numbers songs to 20 and beyond!
  • sorting shapes into different groups
  • naming and playing rhythms with different instruments
  • pretending to be different animals and moving in different ways
  • learning to safely move things around the environment
  • talking about our feelings and what makes us sad


All children need to bring in their reading bag on a Thursday and we will change reading books and story book for them to take back home on the next day (Friday).

If you would like to buy your child's school photo then please make sure to do so before the deadline.

Next week I will be ringing parents to talk about your child. These phone calls will last 5 minutes so if you need a longer chat please let me know and I will give you another appointment. If you are not available at the time given then please speak to me and we can arrange a more convenient time. I look forward to telling you how well your child has settled.

Please remember to book your child's lunch on parent pay. If you are having trouble then please ring the office and they will be able to help you out.

Learning books - You will have been sent an email regarding learning book and how to log in. Once you have done this then you will be able to send in photos of your child's learning at home. We look forward to seeing and reading them. We will upload photos and videos of your child's learning at school that you can look at.

Thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend


Friday 24th September

Hello lovely parents. So this week we have been very busy too! We started the week off by sharing our weekend news with the class. We did lots of new independent learning by choosing our own activities and playing and exploring with our friends.

We have learnt more sounds in phonics - 'i', 'n', 'm' and 'd'. We thought of lots of words beginning with each sound and we also blended sounds to read words! Yes, we can read some words! Some of the words we can read are - at, is, mat, pin, din, nip, map, nap. Ask your child to look around the house and find objects that start with each sound.

Some of us have also started to form and write the letters we learnt this week. We found that all the letters started at the top. I will place a handwriting sheet in your child's book bag for your information. Please encourage your child to practise the letter formation. This could be done with paint, sand, foam, pens, in the air and even in the bath! Make it as fun as possible. Just remember to form the letters correctly.

We also found some rhyming words.  Car and star rhyme. Cat, mat and pat rhyme. Man and van rhyme. Can you look around your house and find some objects that rhyme?

We got our first phonics book and picture book to take home too! When sharing the phonics book please encourage your child to recognise and read the sounds. In order to read the word, your child is expected to say the sounds they see and then blend the sounds together to say the word. Please remember to not add an 'uh' to the end of each sound as this is not the correct pronunciation. Help your child if they cannot blend the sounds, the more they hear them the better they will get. It is difficult to blend at the beginning. Please do talk about the pictures and the story with your child as this will help them build vocabulary and also understand stories.

The picture book is for you to read to your child and talk about the pictures and story.

Our book for the term is 'We're going on a bear hunt'. We read the book together, acted it out and drew a story map together so that it would help us retell the story next week. 

We had a great time moving in different ways in the hall and even travelled over benches and jumped off safely.


 The weather has started to change so please ensure your child brings in a waterproof coat with a hood as we will be going out in all weathers.

If your have not sent in your child's book bag then please do so. Books and bags should be brought into school on a Thursday and books will be changed and taken back home on a Friday. 

Thank you for your support and please do come and talk to us if you have any questions.

Have a lovely weekend

Ms Sharif. Mrs Malik, Mrs Evans and Mrs Khalid

Friday 18th September

Wow! What an amazing two weeks in school. Your children have completed their first full time week in school and they have been brilliant! They have all learnt all the class routines and are so good at following all the rules too. They have had so much fun playing with each other and forming new friendships.

We have done lots of singing of nursery rhymes and number songs. Ask your child which ones were his/her favourite.

Exploring the classroom and outside area and finding their favourite activities has been really exciting for all the children.

All the children have been really good at eating their lunch. If their is a problem with your child eating lunch, we will always inform you about it.

We have also done outside PE in the big playground and inside PE in the hall. Your children are great at moving their bodies in different ways! Using the big space safely was something we were working on.

We have started our phonics sessions and the sounds we learnt this week were s, a, t, p. We played silly soup and found lots of things that began with each sound. Some of us were even able to blend sounds to read some words like, 'at', 'pat', 'sat' and 'tap'. Our tricky word for the week is 'I', Tricky words are words we recognise by sight and are then able to read them.


 Please remember to label your child's snack pot, bottle and lunch box clearly with their name.

Also clearly label any coats and jackets please.

Please remember to bring Reading bags to school on Thursday so your child can bring home their first reading book and library book!

Please do come and talk to us if you have any concerns.

Have a great weekend!

Ms Sharif, Mrs Mallik, Mrs Evans and Mrs Khalid


A massive warm welcome to all our new Donnington children and parents!

We hope you have had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to the new term ahead.

The Children in Donnington class have had a fantastic, fun first day in their new class, getting to know their new teachers, making new friends and exploring their new environment and of course getting used to the new routines.

Have a look at the photos below and you can see how much fun we have had and how happy we are!