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Donnington Class  FS2

FS2 Teacher:                           Ms Sharif                    

Teaching Assistants:             Mrs Malik                      Letter         Learning Grid
                                                 Miss Benali

Welcome to Donnington Class 2021

Eid Mubarak!

We celebrated Eid in class. We dressed  up in our party clothes and had lots of fun. Two lovely parents came in and painted our hands with beautiful henna (mehndi) patterns on our hands. We tasted delicious sweets and ate some yummy party food! We then enjoyed listening to music from different countries and dancing to the different beats. We ended our party with playing some party games!

Albi Saves the World!

We walked to the Reading Reps theatre on London Road to watch 'Albi Saves the World'. It was an amazing production and we had so much fun sitting in the theatre and watching the show. We cannot wait to go and watch more fantastic shows.

We had so much fun performing our Nativity, 'A Wriggly Nativity'. Below are photos of us all dressed up and ready to go!

We hope you enjoyed the performance as much as we enjoyed doing it!


We also had our school Christmas lunch, which was delicious!

Please see below the 'Welcome to Donnington' presentation

Donnington PE days are:

Thursday  - Inside PE in the hall

Wednesday - Outside PE in the playground



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Friday 18th September

Wow! What an amazing two weeks in school. Your children have completed their first full time week in school and they have been brilliant! They have all learnt all the class routines and are so good at following all the rules too. They have had so much fun playing with each other and forming new friendships.

We have done lots of singing of nursery rhymes and number songs. Ask your child which ones were his/her favourite.

Exploring the classroom and outside area and finding their favourite activities has been really exciting for all the children.

All the children have been really good at eating their lunch. If their is a problem with your child eating lunch, we will always inform you about it.

We have also done outside PE in the big playground and inside PE in the hall. Your children are great at moving their bodies in different ways! Using the big space safely was something we were working on.

We have started our phonics sessions and the sounds we learnt this week were s, a, t, p. We played silly soup and found lots of things that began with each sound. Some of us were even able to blend sounds to read some words like, 'at', 'pat', 'sat' and 'tap'. Our tricky word for the week is 'I', Tricky words are words we recognise by sight and are then able to read them.


 Please remember to label your child's snack pot, bottle and lunch box clearly with their name.

Also clearly label any coats and jackets please.

Please remember to bring Reading bags to school on Thursday so your child can bring home their first reading book and library book!

Please do come and talk to us if you have any concerns.

Have a great weekend!

Ms Sharif, Mrs Malik and Mrs Benali


A massive warm welcome to all our new Donnington children and parents!

We hope you have had a lovely holiday and are looking forward to the new term ahead.

The Children in Donnington class have had a fantastic, fun first day in their new class, getting to know their new teachers, making new friends and exploring their new environment and of course getting used to the new routines.

Have a look at the photos below and you can see how much fun we have had and how happy we are!