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Autumn 2

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Summer 2

Year 1

Personal History – changes within living memory. My life so far

The Railway comes to Reading

Transport Past and Present

Year 2

Great Fire of London

The Gun Power Plot (how did it change London – architecture and street planning)

Significant people – Mary Seacole, Florence Nightingale and Edith Cavell

Our School and RBH

Year 3

Stones and Bones – changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age

Oh Crumbs!

Huntley and Palmers – what impact did H&O have on the town of Reading – Local Area Study

Egypt – achievements of early civilizations

Year 4

Romans – Impact on Britian

Local Enquiry – Reading street names

British settlements by Anglo Saxons and Scotts – Roman withdrawal and Scot invasion

Year 5

The Viking and Anglo Saxon struggle – Viking raids – up to Edward the Confessor

Early Islamic Civilisation


Year 6


WW2 – sig turning points

Crime and Punishment – Holes (thematic)