Blenheim Class Yr1

Year 1 Teachers:           Mrs Torenga & Ms Kington                  Summer in Blenheim Class

Teaching Assistants:    Mrs Bentall & Mrs Kohli                         Letter         Learning Grid   


Welcome to Blenheim Class!

Sports Day 2019

What a brilliant morning! Well done to everyone for your super effort.

We have been to the Community Garden on Erleigh Road as part of our Science work and to link with STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art , Maths) week.  Many thanks to parents and grandparents who helped out and to Naomi for guiding us around the garden- especially to the Golden Raspberries! 

We had a super trip to the River and Rowing Museum in Henley. We loved exploring the story of the Wind in the Willows, finding out more about boats on our walk by the River Thames and making model boats of our own.

What a great day out!

Outdoor Learning Week 4: This week we thought about birds. We imagined we were owls and used our senses to travel blindfolded along the rope. Next we talked about the different body parts of birds, collected some eggs with words hidden inside and made some amazing nests. We really enjoyed our final hot chocolate and Golden Time too. Thank you Theresa!

Outdoor Learning Week 3: We had a great time finding out more about trees. We played bingo where we had to identify different trees by looking at their leaves. We pretended to be squirrels hiding and looking for food and used mirrors to get a 'squirrels-eye' view of the woods. We also made some amazing tree faces and then interviewed our trees to find out more about them. What a brilliant afternoon!

We have had another super Outdoor Learning session with Theresa. This time we were looking at flowering plants. We played plant bingo to help us spot all the different sorts of petals and leaves that plants can have. Theresa showed us a flowering plant she had dug up and we had a good look at the roots, stem, leaves, petals and sepals. We thought about why they are important for the plant and what they do. After that we made plant pictures of our own. Theresa told us that bees have long tongues to drink nectar from flowers. We made our fingers into bees and looked for flowers for them to drink from. We also found out that some flowers smell beautiful to attract bees and butterflies but some smell horrible to attract flies. We made smelly magic potions of our own before another special outdoor Golden Time.

We had a brilliant first Outdoor Learning session with Theresa. We looked for signs of spring, played Springo to spot as many colours as we could and held magical listening jewels to help us listen to sounds of spring. We really enjoyed our hot chocolate and outdoor Golden Time too.

On World Book Day we worked with our Year 5 Cross Phase Partners on activities linked to books.  We decorated our classroom door and enjoyed sharing stories together.  

We had a brilliant afternoon watching the play 'A New Coat for Christmas' at Reading Rep.

We had a great time at our Christmas Party - Blenheim Class are fantastic dancers! We played 'Rudolph Says...', the Christmas Hoop game, Musical Statues and Frozen Reindeer. We enjoyed decorating and eating our special Christmas biscuits, and we even got to meet a very important visitor and sing to him.

We have really enjoyed performing our Christmas play 'Jesus' Christmas Party' with Year 2.

Here are some photos of our super soloists, amazing animals, terrific travellers to Bethlehem and marvellous musicians.

Well done Blenheim Class!

We will be going to see the play 'A New Coat for Christmas' at Reading Rep at the end of term. Annie from Reading Rep came to Redlands and did a fantastic drama session with us to help us explore the story. Here are a few photos of what we did. We can't wait to see the play!

On Wednesday 7th November the author and illustrator Simon Murray came to visit us. He taught us to draw one of his characters, Icky Doo Dah. You can see our amazing illustrations on display in the classroom!

On Friday 5th October, we celebrated Harvest.

It was a very special day.

To prepare , on Thursday, we made houmous and veg to share with the other classes. We used chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and a little salt. Then we chopped up peppers and cucumber.

Then, we tasted the delicious foods that the other classes made.

We all tried to taste new things and Miss Corner was very proud.

What was your new favourite food you tasted?

We have had a busy start to Year 1.

We've had fun learning lots of playground games: Follow the Leader; Sticky Toffee 123; Grandma's Footsteps; Duck, Duck, Goose; What's the Time Mr Wolf?; Bounce Tag; Frost and Thaw; the rope colour game.

What would you like to play next playtime? 

We have also worked well together to play parachute games.

Blenheim Class, September 2018