Blenheim Class Yr1

Year 1 Teachers:           Mrs Torenga & Ms Kington                  Spring in Blenheim Class

Teaching Assistants:    Mrs Kohli                                                 Letter        Learning Grid   


Welcome to Blenheim Class!

We loved visiting MERL museum to find out about plants, herbs and we enjoyed spending time outdoors together.  What a great way to learn what we need for our Science topic!

We had a super trip to see the pantomime 'Cinderella' at the Hexagon. We loved everything about it, especially booing the wicked step-mother, joining in when the characters needed us and seeing the amazing costumes and special effects. What a great day! 

We enjoyed being on stage too! We performed 'Hey Ewe!' - here we are in our costumes.

Blenheim Class, September 2019