Redlands Primary School

  1. Curriculum
  2. Computing and Online Safety



Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Year 1

Technology around us

Digital painting

Moving a robot

Grouping data

Digital writing

Programming animations

Year 2

IT around us

Digital photography

Robot Algorithms


Digital Music

Programming quizzes

Year 3

Connecting computers

Stop frame animation

Sequencing sounds

Branching databases

Desktop publishing

Events and actions in programs

Year 4

The Internet

Audio production

Repetition in shapes

Data logging

Photo editing

Repetition in games

Year 5

Systems and searching

Video production

Selection in physical computing

Flat file databases

Introduction to vector graphics

Selection in quizzes

Year 6

Communication and collaboration

Web page creation

Variables in games

Introduction to spreadsheets

3D Modelling

Sensing movement

Online Safety

Please click on the link below to view useful information for parents and carers on Internet Safety -    




Please click on the image below to view the Online Safety presentation delivered by Roy Wood from Espresso at Redlands Primary School.