Hatherley Class Yr5

Year 5 Teacher               Mrs Parsons                                            Summer in Hatherley Class

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Welcome to Hatherley Class Yr5


Welcome back to the summer term. We hope that you had an enjoyable holiday.  The term ahead promises to be a busy but exciting one!  We will be exploring the curriculum with a topic title of

‘Discovering Decades’

with a focus on WW2. Please look at our topic web which outlines what we will be covering throughout terms 5 and 6.


The perfect end to a fabulous year...!

A day at West Wittering beach

 Look how we've transformed our Book Corner...!

A Ration 'Come Dine With Me'

We planned and prepared 3 course menus using items from our ration lists

The table is laid ready for our special guests...

Mrs Rudman and Miss Champion came to sample our food and had a very difficult job choosing their three favourite courses!

Exploring reversible and irreversible changes in Science...


What a fabulous week we have had sharing our hobbies and pets! 







We've had a very busy start to the term:

Exploring the planets in our solar system, investigating  their features, such as size, composition, and distance from the sun, number of moons and much more. 

Creating the planets using paper mache...


Unplugged Computing

We enjoyed working with Reading University Secondary PGCE Computer Scientists on unplugged computing, a project run by Google. The aim of the project was to introduce computer concepts using nature as a stimulus.

Our day began at the University Outdoor classroom and we spent time looking at trees and plants making connections between them and computers with the help of the Tree Doctor...


Making connections...


After lunch we designed paper circuits to make a display using the input from our morning session as a stimulus.  


Our day finished with a 30 minute reality session using Google Expeditions! 

Exploring planets with Blenheim Class

After researching the planets in our Solar System we created power points and then we enjoyed sharing them with Blenheim Class.


Well done to our Spring Term Readers Of The Week!



Autumn Term

Our main topic title is Changes although we will be exploring the curriculum with the big question ‘Why do things change?’ with a main focus on the Vikings.


We enjoyed showcasing our Viking topic homework

Well done to our Readers Of The Week!

Drama to explore the Viking raid on Lindisfarne

Well done to week 4 Readers Of The Week!

Making nets of 3D shapes 

Well done to week 3 Readers Of The Week!

We have enjoyed some great PE sessions at St Joseph's this week!