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Welcome to Blenheim's page!


We threw Miss Clark an Australian themed leaving party to wish her well on her travels.

We enjoyed party games (particularly the Australian animal relay race!), lots of dancing and cake!

Goodbye Miss Clark, we will miss you!

Thanks to everyone who came to look at all our fantastic topic homework this morning! The children worked so hard to produce such brilliant pieces - well done Blenheim!


Outdoor learning session 3! We searched for signs of wildlife in the outdoor classroom - looking for animal tracks, nests and poo! The badger sett we found was most exciting! Then we made special dens for some cuddly woodland animals. Hot chocolate followed and, as always, a muddy Golden Time!


Outdoor learning session 2! We used our sense of smell to make some woodland smoothies - some smelt delightful... others were disgusting! We also enjoyed a game of Springo! - spotting signs of Spring. The sun shone for us this week and the children had lots of fun!


We enjoyed reading lots of books by Julia Donaldson last term and wrote her letters to tell her how much we love her books. We were absolutely thrilled that Julia wrote back to us including a special note to answer a couple of our questions!

We had lots of fun at our class pancake party - making pancakes, racing pancakes and of course, eating pancakes!


We had such a great time at our first outdoor learning session with Teresa!


We were set a challenge by Mr Wolf! He needed a shopping basket as Little Red Riding Hood wouldn't lend him hers! All we were given was newspaper and tape but we managed to make some FANTASTIC bags and even tested them with Mr Wolf's shopping to see if they were strong enough!

Year 5 shared their planet presentations with year 1.

They were out of this world!

We went on an expedition to Space.

We spotted men on the moon, shining stars but no aliens!

Chinese New Year!

We had a great time celebrating and tucking into our noodles!