Blenheim Class Yr1

Year 1 Teachers:           Mrs Torenga & Miss Corner                Autumn in Blenheim Class

Teaching Assistants:    Mrs Bentall & Mrs Kohli                        Letter         Learning Grid   


Welcome to Blenheim Class!

On Friday 5th October, we celebrated Harvest.

It was a very special day.

To prepare , on Thursday, we made houmous and veg to share with the other classes. We used chickpeas, tahini, garlic, lemon juice and a little salt. Then we chopped up peppers and cucumber.

Then, we tasted the delicious foods that the other classes made.

We all tried to taste new things and Miss Corner was very proud.

What was your new favourite food you tasted?

We have had a busy start to Year 1.

We've had fun learning lots of playground games: Follow the Leader; Sticky Toffee 123; Grandma's Footsteps; Duck, Duck, Goose; What's the Time Mr Wolf?; Bounce Tag; Frost and Thaw; the rope colour game.

What would you like to play next playtime? 

We have also worked well together to play parachute games.

Blenheim Class, September 2018