How to help your child to read at home workshop

Tuesday 7th November 2017 at 9.00am in the hall

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Donnington PE days are:

Wednesay - Outside PE

Friday - Inside PE

Reception Class  FS2

FS2 Teacher:                           Ms Sharif                                     Spring in Donnington Class

Teaching Assistant:                Miss Marron                                      Letter     Learning Grid

Welcome to Donnington's page! 

We have been learning about fireworks! We pretended to be fireworks during our PE session and used our bodies to 'whizz', 'zoom', 'bang', 'fizz' and 'explode!' in the hall. We painted and drew amazing, colourful fireworks and made firework rockets using 3D shapes. Come and have a look at our amazing firework display in our classroom.


Harvest festival celebrations!

We celebrated Harvest and made fruit salad from the left over fruit. We used apples, pears, oranges, raspberries and strawberries! We cut up all the fruit and mixed it in a bowl and then added orange and mango juice. It was delicious and very healthy! 

Our first week in Donnington Class

We have had an amazing first week! We have been making friends and learning new names! We are also becoming familiar with our new classroom and routines of the day.

At snack time we brought in our own fruit and vegetables and sat with our friends to enjoy them. We also had our first school meal and it was so much fun taking our trays and choosing our meal! We are becoming so independent!

Playtimes and lunch times are spent in the big playground with the other children. We are making lots more friends and learning the names of all the other adults.