Finance Personnel and Resources Committee Terms of Reference


In consultation with the Headteacher

·         Review and approve school policies related to finance, personnel issues, data protection,   safety of the school environment and other resources issues as delegated by the Governing Body

·         Ensure that Health and Safety issues are appropriately prioritised

·         Regularly monitor the maintenance and safety of the school environment

·         Consider and review the progress and development of personnel, financial and maintenance and safety aspects of the School Development Plan and any post Ofsted Action Plan

·         Form a sub committee to consider the first formal budget plan of the financial year and consider any further substantial modification

·         The budget subcommittee will recommend the budget to Full Governors. The subcommittee may refer the budget back to the FPR committee at their discretion.

·         Establish and maintain an up to date 3 year financial plan

·         Consider a budget position statement including virement decisions at least termly* and report significant anomalies from the anticipated position to the Governing Body

·         Ensure that the school operates within the Financial Regulations of the LA

·         Monitor expenditure of all private funds kept on behalf of the Governing Body

·         Monitor decisions in respect of service agreements

·         Make decisions on expenditure following recommendations from other committees

·         Ensure financial statements are prepared for inclusion in the termly governors meeting and for other purposes as required

·         Identify three governors to assist with the headteacher performance management

·         Monitor Staff Development and Performance Management

·         Review the school staffing structure (whenever a vacancy arises or at least annually)

·         Consider staffing needs each year including recruitment and retention

·         Support in the appointment of new staff when necessary

·         Support in the dealing with any official complaints

·         Support when any action is taken under the appropriate stages of the disciplinary procedures

·         Report to the Governing Body at least three times a year



These terms of reference agreed by the Governing Body


Name of Governor


Date appointed to the committee

Graham Alexader Co-opted


Shabana Aslam Headteacher


Munir Chowdhury



Maurice Dixon



Kris Jones



Stuart Singleton-White

Local Authority



Chair of the Committee

 Stuart Singleton-White

Vice Chair of the Committee

Maurice Dixon

Chair of the Governing Body

Stuart Singleton-White

Clerk to the Committee

Deborah Robinson




Date Committee Established


Date of review

Sept 2019