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Dear Miss Kington and children
You lot are amazing. Thank you so much for coming yesterday to sing to the Macular Society. You were incredible and your table decorations were beautiful.
After you left a professional singing group took over. I can tell you this, I could see people falling asleep. So many people said to me that they much preferred you singing to them. I don't know if you noticed but a lot of them were tapping their feet and singing along. When the opera singing started I am pretty sure I heard some of them snoring!!!
I also know they preferred your performance as you got chocolates and the other group didn't ;-)
The condition that these people have is called Age Related Macular Degeneration. This can mean that their central vision is missing. So they often can't see peoples faces. Imagine how awful that would be. If you can't see someone's face you can't tell if someone is happy or sad. That is why using the other senses is so important. Hearing your beautiful singing will have lifted them. So next time you see someone in a supermarket peering at a tin of baked beans with a magnifying glass you might wonder to yourself if they have the same condition.
A lot of elderly people without support get very lonely at Christmas. When they have lost their eyesight as well they can end up very isolated which can be very frightening. For some of them yesterday was their main Christmas party. These are all people living in your local community and you have given something huge back which is as you know is what Christmas is all about. I can't tell you how proud I am of you all.
Miss Kington and I have discussed me visiting you at school to chat about what it might be like to live with a visual impairment. I have lots of interesting gadgets and will come up with some fun activities for you to try. When the Christmas rush is over we will see if we can arrange something.
Big BIG MASSIVE thanks from all of us at the Hospital Ophthalmology Department. I have included some of the super important doctors who look after some of these patients in this email so they can see how amazing your kids at Redlands are.
Have a Very Merry Christmas.



Please click here to read an email from Sir David Bell, Vice Chancellor of The University of Reading.


A message from a parent after the Year 6 Trip to Pendine

‘I would just like to tell you what a fantastic time my daughter had on the Pendine trip last week. She could not stop talking on Friday night and has regaled everyone she has seen this weekend with endless stories of the things she did and fun she had. Not only did she thoroughly enjoy all the activities, she loved sharing the room with her friends and all the camaraderie in general amongst members of the class.

Please pass on our special thanks to those staff who made it possible, for looking after my daughter (and her class mates) so well and for ensuring that my daughter  (and I am sure everyone else too) had such a great time.’